Billing Services

Medical Billing Services Include:

Claim Submission
We will check all superbills or encounter forms for correct coding and will send claims electronically or via paper when necessary. We also submit to secondary and tertiary insurances.

Follow-up on Claims
Claims follow-up is one of our strongest services. Our staff is very diligent in following up on every claim and making sure reimbursement is exactly what it should be!

Client/Patient Statements
You can opt-in to this service if your current software allows monthly statements. If you have never used this function before, we will work with your software company to set this up for you. A client/patient will receive 3 statements, one every 30 days. We use “soft” collection methods with patients which include “non-severe” collection letters. At the 90-day point, we will discuss with you the option of sending the account to collections. The ultimate decision remains yours.

Client/Patient and Insurance Payment Posting
We post all client/patient and insurance payments. Any payments that are not through electronic remittance advice (ERA), simply scan us a copy of the EOB.

We appeal any claim that has been improperly paid or denied.

Revenue Recovery
We spend the time it takes to get you paid on “old” claims

Insurance Eligibility
We can assist your practice in verifying benefits for new patients and when a patient’s insurance changes.

Full Visibility, Transparency and HIPPA Compliant
We work within your software along-side with you, which gives you full access to your accounts and data. You will have the ability to run reports, check claim status, and practice performance on demand within your own system without having your patient and company data in a separate database.

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